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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wilderness 100

This year in Marmora the race format was 2 days of racing, 30 miles each day. Bearing the UP 200 and the Can-Am 250, I wondered the wisdom of entering my team in such an event. I was training long and slow for the Beargrease from which I withdrew. I personally didn`t feel I had the dog-team to handle a race of this stature...hopefully next year. Anyway, after withdrawing I sped the team up a bit, a little shorter runs with a little more speed. The idea being that I would be competing in some of the Ontario races where speed is definitely a prerequisite. My team however was becoming a little confused. Do you want us to go fast? Do you want us to go slow? Sooo..... the Wednesday before Marmora I decided to go to Greenville, Maine for the 100 Wilderness instead. 50 miles, 2 hour layover, 50 back. I felt this was more of an appropriate style of race keeping in mind the races to come for the remainder of the season. At first I wondered how the dogs would handle a 2 hour layover. Much to my delight, they popped the hook at the checkpoint and were smashing into their harnesses, the volunteers helping my team get to the line had a bit of a chore controlling them :)
 This race is put on by John and Amy from Mountain Ridge kennels and producers of quality sleddog equipment. I must say it's nice when a race gets put together with the help of experienced mushers.  Amy Dugan bring to this race a vast amount of experience. This little town really gets together and puts on a good event. The scenery in this race is spectacular. It is my hope that this race fits into my schedule next winter. Well organized , awesome scenery and if you win you get this really cool custom made knife!
Next race is the Kearney 120 in February.

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