photo by Gail Palmer Perrin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kearney and the 120

60 miles, 4 hour layover, 60 more. Bruce Langmaid also ran this race with us this year,  he described this race as a 120 miles of the Beargrease trail. Continuously going up and down these choppy little hills. My plan for this race was to use it as a training run. However with about 10 miles left of the first leg, a headlamp appeared in the not too far distance. I pondered the possibilities for awhile of who it could be. I was hoping it was Kevin Vandenbucsshe. Kevin has been working with me this winter and has done an outstanding job with fall training and racing the second team for me. Gavin Baker maybe, he's worked really hard with his team this year. Then I wondered if perhaps it was Eli Golton who came into the race with a really nice looking dog team, and was going into this race with a conservative strategy, but then changed his mind......certainly something I wouldn't do....... Christine Richardson came up here to train early winter and I was very impressed with her Buddies. But my gut convinced me it was out came the ski-pole :) Needless to say, when Bruce is coming up behind ya, best get movin`. 
 This trail definitely had it`s technical sections. One of the sections had this 150ish ft hill with maybe a 60 degree grade. Right in the middle is a really tight "S"bend tightly surrounded with mature maples. To top off the ride, you come flying around another tight corner on to a 4' x 30' bridge....what a hoot, heehee.  There is one small ice crossing and it doesn't matter which way you hit it cause your gonna hit a nice little grade with a nice little twist and pop down on it, pretty cool, love carving the runners, this section took me by surprise every surprises :)

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