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Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally! The first race of the season!

Previous to Eldorado we were penciled in to run the 62 miler in Newbury Michigan after that we were off to Eagle Lake Maine to run a 100 miler, both were cancelled due to lack of the white stuff. Eldorado, no matter what, always puts the race on. I can recall on several occasions where the race has been re-located to a different starting point, this would happen because of lack of snow. One year we drove to Lake St. Peter which is approximately 75 miles North of matter what, good job Sandra Stein.
 This year the trail was shortened from 50 to 42, when the race was said and done, it was a 35 mile race. The race is on railway bed, not the most exciting trail but an excellent training run. Getting a dog team to lope up and down those tracks is a chore in itself. I think the dogs may get somewhat bored of the whole thing, but that's where the discipline of the team comes in to play. It takes a reasonably tough dog team to pull this off. This year my boys did just that.
Stay tuned for updates as the season goes on!

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